How to play

Find a friend. Choose your game and how fast you want to play.
The first player starts the story, with a word provided by the random word generator.  
The Story Line moves up and down the screen. When it’s on your side, it’s your turn. Continue the story without pausing, stumbling or repeating what the previous player said.
Go on creating the story together until you find an ending, run out of time or collapse with laughter. It’s that simple!

Play on a phone for an intimate shared experience or a big screen for instant public acclaim.
Record and share your story, or erase and start again – you’re in control.  

Random Words
When it’s your turn, a new word appears. Keep telling the story, weaving in each new word.

You only get a new word if you tap the screen.
Set Words Select and set 3 words each. Use them whenever you want.

Sudden Turn
When the Story Line jumps over to your side, it’s your turn.

Poetry Tennis
The last word of each sentence must rhyme with the chosen word.