Andy Foreman

Andy Foreman, creator of the StoryLine App, has over four decades’ international experience as an actor, comedian, Clown Doctor, professional improviser and drama coach (he gets rave reviews in languages he doesn’t even speak!). Andy has developed StoryLine to be fun and educational, based on games that improvisers play to entertain audiences, and actors play to develop their skills.


StoryLine is a great skill-building game for all ages, with a multitude of benefits and applications. Because it’s fun, informal and non-threatening, you learn without realising you’re learning! The game stimulates imagination, encourages creativity, develops storytelling skills and promotes social interaction. It’s also a fun and useful tool for people learning English as a Second Language.

For children and teenagers, StoryLine:

  • encourages social skills such as turn-taking and respecting others
  • improves listening and language skills
  • strengthens interpersonal trust and friendships
  • provides fun family time

For students of drama, comedy, performance, improvisation and creative writing, StoryLine:

  • embeds fundamental narrative concepts
  • builds confidence
  • offers a simple structure for practising performance techniques
  • hones comic timing
  • helps overcome writer’s block
  • In corporate settings, StoryLine:
  • encourages creativity, brainstorming and the skill of ‘thinking outside the box’
  • teaches players to trust themselves, make quick decisions and back their own judgement
  • improves public speaking skills
  • enhances team-building (‘the team that plays together stays together’)